Night View

Nightfall in a place called Toronto.
On a brightly lit stretch they call 'street', where heavy machines transporting humans from one place to another send vibrations in between toes.
They pass, holding bags and conversations.
Bill watched.
Yes, Raccoons have names for each other too.
Humans - so self-obsessed.

Just Like That

On April 15th 1984, British comedian/magician Tommy Cooper collapsed and died on stage during a performance on the Live at Her Majesty's TV show. His death was viewed by millions of viewers across the UK. The following is my tribute to him.

The laugh. The smile. The familiar grin.
The final time. Unknown. Within.
Lap it up. This is it. It's finally arrived.
The audience relish your every move.
You have already died.
Just Like That and What Happened There?
Now more than just your lines, but
a body's message to the brain
That it's time, it's time, it's time.
Slump, fall and lie down flat
That's that.
Solemn faced, no act
The fact.
Unknown by the giggling mass.
Booze, smokes, bills and cares
No longer aware.
Gone and yet to all who see
The familiar shape - that's me.
You say.
The day.
Has arrived.

Brain Surgery

"Hmmm" Doctor Portress mused as he gazed into the workings of my head.
"Can you see that on the screen?". Yes, I could.
The image of my brain; exposed, pulsing and transmitted in full colour on a wall mounted flat screen TV.
"That's interesting...looks like some sort of crucially embarrassing moment. Maybe age eight...?"
The time Tom O'Dwyer pulled my pants down in the school playground and everyone pointed and jeered. The way Jane Dunne looked at me, with her lovely blue eyes.
"That's possibly a source of your neurosis...we could just cut it out but we'd need to be careful - it's almost touching each of your positive Christmas Day memories and a some nice looking holiday emotions".
Cut he did and since then my difficulties with the opposite sex have diminished noticeably.
Although Santa Claus now fills me with dread.