Mind The Gap

I married the woman whose husband jumped in front of the train.
He approached me; wide smile, lively eyes. His hand outstretched as if to shake with a friend.
A laminated business card.
“It has all my details on it”.
I took it.
He jumped onto the tracks as the 11:17 from Central screamed by.
His shoes never touched the ground.
She was younger, blonde and stick thin.
Never in shock, never surprised.
I wonder why he jumped.

I wonder why I’m about to now.

Good Boy.

"All gone. All gone now. Will you be good? Will you be a good boy for mammy? Ah-ah-ah. No. No. Are you going to behave now, are you? You don't want mammy to get upset do you? Good boy. Will you do what you're told? That's the good boy. All gone. It's all gone. No no, don't put that it your mouth. Dirty. It's dirty. No. There. That's the goooooood boy".
Terence spent most of his early to mid-thirties working through his inherent need to please others.

That's Handy

Of all the times to be here, I chose now.
I suppose it chose me really. That would seem more like it. Yeah, I guess that's it.
Thinking that the all-knowing universe might bow to my timetable seems slightly egotistical. No, not 'egotistical' - probably not the right word. I don't know what the word is, I'm not good with words.
I am good with my hands though. Always have been. If you want a table made or a bike fixed, I'm your man.
I can fix and build and create with my hands, no problem.
One time in school our teacher told us to make a three legged stool out of timber.
Not only did I finish it four days before it was due, but I sanded and polished and lacquered that stool so that it looked like royal oak.
So that's why I'm surprised to be here.
In a creative writing class.
Well, not too surprised. Not really.
She's Christine and she's sitting three chairs to my left.
That chair could use a bit of varnish, mind you.

To Too.

To be there.
To see that.
To compliment this.
To understand the other.
To be seen smiling at the efforts.
To say "Very well done" and "I'm so proud for you".
To hug for 'no reason'.
To allow.
To give space.
To Trust.
To Thrust.
To be unconditional.
To believe.
To be.

Easy Does It

Words. Coming from where?
Letters. Assembled in a chaotic spin cycle, without warning, occupying your mouth, filling it to capacity; the different shapes battling for attention - each an ego embryo.
Out they fire - rat a tat tat.
In order, usually.
Lined up for maximum clarity.
Impact soft or hard; unknown until landing.
Others unable to predict others.
That would make it easier.


You laugh, I laugh
You cry, I cry.
You sit in silence
So do I.
I'll be this way
Until I die.
The You that's You
The You that's I.

An Announcement

Longacre. Mr. John and Grundy.Mrs. A.R. (nee Chersterlain) announce
this day, the formal completion of four strips of bacon (streaky), six
sausages (pork), two eggs (soft boiled), two rounds of toast (white) and a
pot of tea (strong).
Heretofore to be referred to as 'breakfast'.
All food gratefully received by their loving children Millie (9),
Thomas (7) and Olivia (5).
Monies accepted by Tesco.