Dog Daze

Oh God, my dog is snoring
It'll be the ham at lunch
He's like an old man boring
No teeth with which to munch.
So he swallows every morsel
And gulps it down too quickly
He ends up on the floor mat
Either tired or weak or sickly.
Tonight the ham had cloves in
Lovely in the tum
But a doggies' s gullet's different
It expedited to the bum.
"Get out", we yelled together
The roar induced a fright
It's not the only thing induced
As out came a spray of...poo.
The canine lies contented
It's day of thrills is over
He dreams of cats and food and pats
This mutt we christened Rover.

Away With the Fairies

Waves leaping on top of one another in the race to shore.
The wind that drives them hurrying up the dunes, flicking
the hair across my forehead unaware of it's power and grace.
A fragile whisper shape flutters across the view.
Light, feathered, transparent.
Closer now.
Two sets of wings.
"It's all real y'know. Even the stuff you cant't see".
Once again, away with the fairies.

Top of Grafton Street

They took away his footsteps
That took him to the Green.
The echo of his brogue heels
Polished, bright and clean.
Remarking to a fellow
As he doffed his hat to her
Attending to his duties
With diligence and care.
They took away his footsteps
As he walked across the road
Past the dressed shop windows
Before the Green Cross Code.
If you listen closely
You can hear his disapproval
As the installation of a rail line
Begets his past removal.
They took away his footsteps
Broke them up and drove away
I wonder who will come along
To remove our own one day.