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In the bed where the sofa sat
Two days and nights before
Numbered breaths upraising
Each a conscious chore.
The heavy lined red curtains
In Christmas past a joy
Return the solemn aura
of he who was a boy.
The years have passed in full now
Ambition long since gone
The sofa now a mattress
Soft light through curtains shone.
Eyes open for the others
To spy inside the soul
As always for the others
Continuing the role.
The heavy lined red curtains
Diminish stuff of life
The sun and moon together
'Like us', comments the wife.
For the time is slowly passing
Put away the tea and wine
No need for cake or biscuits
No more for suppertime.
No letters to be opened
Sent solely to his name
Payment required promptly
For him, not again.
The wife looks on this stranger
"You were the finest one of all"
The ears no longer listen
The fall.
Three weeks go past as always
The bed now been replaced
The sofa sits back gently
Curtains now of lace.
Cars drive by quite often
But never stop to speak
The man who lived here once
Has left, to seek.
Put on the kettle gently
Eat your sandwiches alone
Go walk outside in silence
Place your hand on your collarbone.
And hear the voice is calling
And hear the laugh ring true
The day must be endured
The day belongs to you.
Will the curtains close so slowly?
Will the bed be downstairs soon?
Will you kiss the hand familiar?
You two; the sun and moon.

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