That's Handy

Of all the times to be here, I chose now.
I suppose it chose me really. That would seem more like it. Yeah, I guess that's it.
Thinking that the all-knowing universe might bow to my timetable seems slightly egotistical. No, not 'egotistical' - probably not the right word. I don't know what the word is, I'm not good with words.
I am good with my hands though. Always have been. If you want a table made or a bike fixed, I'm your man.
I can fix and build and create with my hands, no problem.
One time in school our teacher told us to make a three legged stool out of timber.
Not only did I finish it four days before it was due, but I sanded and polished and lacquered that stool so that it looked like royal oak.
So that's why I'm surprised to be here.
In a creative writing class.
Well, not too surprised. Not really.
She's Christine and she's sitting three chairs to my left.
That chair could use a bit of varnish, mind you.

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