Boy is Girl.

How's your son?
Who Eric?
Yeah Eric.
He's fine as far as I know. Your daughter, she's well?
Erica's fine but there's one thing I need to tell.
Go ahead, I'm ready, let me in.
It's about their closeness you see. I think that one is the other's unconscious and somehow take turns to be.
You're saying that one is the other and not an extension of solo existence?
Something like that except to stress that their energy meets no resistance.
Resistance to what? To eachother or self?
They're one and the same don't you see?
I'm starting to develop a picture all right, but wondering how could that be?
It's hard to explain, I don't know if I can.
You think you know something better?
Again I'm not sure but if you let me develop, I need to go by the letter.
Eric is Erica's male alter ego and she is his by design
This is something quite out of our remit and never was part of mine.
But to say he is she and she part of he
Means that you and I may be joined.
But then aren't we all, how could we not be?
It's how 'universe' was coined.
I feel that our son and daughter both
Encapsulate all that has happened
Since life here began, since shedding our coat
We depend on eachother forever.
It's true, you're right and so I should ask not
how are they by name.
But all of us, how are we all?
For we all of us are the same.
Exactly, I think you get the idea. They've taught us a lot don't you see?
I do for we have taught them well,
For they are you are me.