You Who?

Was your opinion ever sought?
Were you ever asked what do you need?
Did anyone ever believe that you may
Have your own requirements to feed?
Thoughts and decisions, plans for your life
They’re necessary to be
And once allowed to freely flow
Will set your spirit free.
For free is how you came into this world
Unencumbered with feelings of doubt
The decision to cry and announce what you need
Was the first time you let it out.
Hush little baby don’t say a word
Is subtle in the extreme
Instead of speak up and announce yourself
Lie low and follow my dream.
You can only be what you truly are
It’s not to do with others
By being your real essential self
You inspire your sisters and brothers.
But to your soul you must truly be
To not is just a game
For what you learned to make it through
Is for nobody else to blame.
We all inherit eachother’s traits
Unconsciously it’s true
The biggest job you have in life
Is to re-discover you.

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