How are you?
Now that’d be tellin’.
Where are you going?
Who wants to know?
Are you happy? 
Don’t be so stupid.
Do I look it?
Yea, I suppose so.
Are you busy?
It’s ticking over.
Are you working?
A bit here and there.
Do you worry about feeling lonely?
Nah, I don’t really care.
Do you have a family?
I do, the best in the world.
Do you love them madly?
I love my kids and my girl.
Sounds like you’ve got it sorted.
I suppose it does indeed.
Do you ever want more?
Well, I don’t believe in greed.
Is it greedy to ask for extra?
I was raised to enjoy what you get.
Don’t you enjoy extra money?
I’ve liked every coin I’ve met.
Then why not seek out surplus?
And put away for that rainy day?
It’s tempting fate at its finest.
What could happen?
I’d prefer not to say.
Husband, father, brother.
Provider and wage earner.
Cousin, son and uncle.
My roles are well defined.
I take each one with care
Making sure to treat it well.
I saw what happened to my father.
He didn’t. No more to tell.

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