No Commentary

"It's like watching a football match on TV. Have you ever watched a football match on TV?"
Yes. Yes I have.
"Well, it's a bit like that except the commentary is missing".
How do you mean?
"How do I mean? Well, you can still see the players running around the pitch and the ball moving and the crowd cheering and all that. You can hear them all too. But the explanation is missing. The...context. That's it - there's no context. No frame of reference".
I think I understand.
"You can shout at the TV and yell at the players but no one answers. They don't hear you. They can't. There's no way for you to argue a point or express a thought because they don't know you're there. There's no way to take part".

And that's how he explained what it was like for him to be homeless.

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