Widdle Waddle

Walter liked to waddle
He waddled day and night
It kept his senses calm
For he needed things 'just right'.
To waddle was essential
To not would be a crime
He likened it to lifeblood
The lemon to his lime.
Walter liked to waddle
He waddled everywhere
If a waddle was forbidden
He stayed away from there.
A day without a waddle
Would be a mystery
A waddle represented
His desire to be free.
One day instead of waddle
He discovered widdling too
This shocked poor Walter hugely
He didn't know what to do.
It brought forth some hidden questions
From his past and present being
The waddle took his mind off
From ever again seeing.
Thoughts and feelings waddled
Inside his heart and head
Words not to be spoken
Now audibly said.
To widdle was confusing
To waddle was ideal.
The widdle was intangible
The waddle - it was real.
To him.

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