Dear Margaret

Put on the washing Margaret
Make a start on all their teas
Have a look inside the freezer
See what’s left under the peas.
Fish sticks in crispy batter
Just like the ad man states
Some microchips go with it
Look lovely on their plates.
Put on the oven Margaret
They’ll be home within the hour
With tales of work and college
They really are a shower.
But have a fag first Margaret
A ciggie’ll do no harm
Back when you were younger
It added to your charm.
They're polaroids now Margaret
Dreams all disappeared
Stories and ambitions
Falling on deaf ears.
So ignore the real you Margaret
Put away those hopes and wishes
Bury that ambition
Underneath the unwashed dishes.
The ketchup’s in the cupboard
Your tears are in the sink
The cutlery is stainless
When exactly did you blink?
Wipe those tears our Margaret
Here come the hungry few
Tell us how your day was
And how was it for you?
Did you live your dream dear Margaret?
“I thought I did” you say
But those gaping mouths need feeding
“I’ll defer to another day”.

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