No 75 Pine Gardens

Number 75 Pine Gardens
Just down from the local shops
Two young lads run and scamper
Out the door with skips and hops.
Laughs and smiles and joking
Despite the cloud and rain
Loose change in their jacket pockets
The dentist soon would gain.
Around the corner running
The race to get there first
Black Jacks and Cheese ‘n’ Onion
Excitement fit to burst.
Taste the moment dearly
It lasts but just a jot
Taste the moment dearly
For soon that is your lot.
Number 75 Pine Gardens
Near where the buses stop
One grown man walks out briskly
To the front seat at the top.
Too grown up now for comics
Or sweets or fizzy pop
His footie days are over
The office was the swap.
Number 75 Pine Gardens
Retains a memory
Of a life once lived quite freely
With honesty and glee.

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