Bus Dog.

People stopped to admire Morty, the red setter.
He couldn't blame them - he was a magnificent beast. The coat, the tail, the overall bearing - he felt it and wore it comfortably.
The fact that it was his image displayed on the sides of the Bus Eireann buses that criss-crossed the country daily was a constant source of pride for Morty the red setter. To be chosen as the symbol of the nation's transport system was indeed an honour. For Morty was Irish and proud of it.
Walking through fields with the man who gave him food and a bed at night - stretching his legs and exercising his reputation - Morty was struck and appalled at the habits of others.
An Alsatian, running wild and defecating in the bushes.
"Disgusting" thought Morty "Why don't they go back to where they came from".
For yes, Morty was also a racist.

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