The Game's Gone Mad.

Jimmy Armtangle was the sharpest, quickest and most feared of all Division one strikers.
He could dribble a ball past a defender before the defender knew what day it was (Saturday usually - games were played on Saturdays. 3pm).
Ninety five thousand supporters Oooh-ed and Aaaah-ed and occasionally Eeeeh-ed, in thrall at his every movement.
So it was no surprise when Dinchester City wanted to sign him. No surprise at all.
What was surprising was the amount of money involved - Fifty five pence and three fruppence - overshadowing the previous transfer record by more than flippance frappenny.
Dinchester's manager Ron Stringer surprised onlooking journalists when he said that this was becoming "the future of the game". According to Stringer, the day will soon arrive when we could witness the world's first Tuppence Haypenny player. Although, he did admit, that was some time away yet.
Possibly as far as the bank holiday weekend.
For his part, Mister Armtangle declined to comment and preferred to let his performance on the pitch do the talking for him.
In his first game, Dinchester drew nil nil.

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