International Incident.

I could have sworn he said 'Collection'.
Blank stares between us. Awkward moment.
That definitely did sound like 'Collection'. But it couldn't be. Why would he ask that when I'm standing right in front of him?
He stopped cooking and locked his eyes onto mine.
My obvious confusion. Not with understanding of the word itself, but of it's meaning.
I had ordered the food - my favourite, Jalfrezi with Peshwari Naan - and stated over the phone that I would pick it up. And here I am.
Of course it's for collection. Why else would I be standing here?
And hence my confusion and his, now increasing, frustration.
"He said 'collection", the lady seated in the waiting area to my left said.
I know. I know.
It had gone on too long and I really needed to answer.
"Yes, that's right - 'Collection'".
His visual contact with the female translator and subsequent eye rolling, confirmed that he felt the issue lay with my insensitivity to his accent and proud heritage.

I bet he'll forget to include the complimentary mint sauce.

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