O Tofu

Calling all Canadians 'nice' is like labeling all Bulgarians 'shit stirrers'.
No doubt there are many shit stirrers of Bulgarian origin, but that doesn't necessarily mean each one is.
In the same way, there are many 'nice' people in Canada...but not all.
Not too many protective parents would react badly if their beloved daughter arrived home with a beau on her arm and announced "Mum Dad - this is Chet. He's Canadian".
It probably wouldn't register as anything in particular.
She might as well say "This is Chet. He's tofu".
Not often will you hear said "Those Canadian bastards" or "I'm sick to death of those bloody Canadians".
Usually the word Canada provokes a blank stare.
Like tofu, you're quite unlikely to think about it too much.
Unless you actually live in Canada, the same applies.
Canada - the tofu of nations.
That's how Canadians like it. They're not really too bothered about being noticed. Not interested in making a big fuss.

And that was the argument Chet's defence team planned to use in court that day.

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