Is You

She opened her purse and saw
Lipstick, keys and phone.
For looks, for shelter and the feeling
Of never being alone.
You never know who you’ll see
Online or one on one
You never know who’ll see you
On guard for guarded fun.
Take a pic and tweet it
To prove you’re really there
Instagram and Share it
To all that you think care.
They’ll like it and approve it
And say you’re looking hot
On the outside you may seem it
On the inside, maybe not.
No matter what the filter
Or angle utilized
Your inner voice is screaming
Insecurities itemized.
Honest feelings doused in blusher
Honest thoughts drowned by booze
Red or White for Madam?
Either Eyether, you can’t lose.
You deserve a good time
And want to share it with your friends
The picture will bear witness
To a night that never ends.
All sent out to the planet
So everyone can see
How great you look and how you smile
And how you are not me.
Dressed up and in your finest
Surrounded by old friends
Is good enough a reason 
To stay stored inside your head.
The memories and emotions
That make us who we are
Live not inside a hard drive
But our soul and our karma.
That’s the solid database
For all you feel and see
It’s what makes the unique you
The one that’s you, not me.
No Likes or Follows needed
No selling to a friend.
The real ones know your true heart
And love it to the end.
It’s nice to be regarded
Thought of and wanted too.
Just don’t forget, the one you need
The very most,
Is You.

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