It's the 80s

Arthur looked ridiculous
All dressed up to the nines
Where you going dressed like that?
His grandfather opined.
"Out' roared Arthur angrily
Checking his tie in the mirror
"Don't wait up, cos I'll be late"
He hadn't even had his dinner.
They just don't get it or understand
What it's like to be young today
This is the Eighties for crying out loud
I might even be gay.
Tresses spiked with hairspray
You could easily argue the case
Gay or heterosexual
Ask him to his face.
It didn't really matter
Gary Numan and Duran
All wore blush and lipstick
It made each one a man.
The war is over Grandad
Forty years ago
Orwell's big predictions
Eventually failed to show.
NME and Smash Hits
Are where the future's at
Don't criticise my lifestyle
Put away that judgement hat.
Instead of war and conflict
We have alternative comedy
Ben Elton and The Young Ones
That's how it will always be.
Channel 4 and Band Aid
Bananarama, Wham and Quo.
Don't talk to us about living
We'll teach you what we know.
Maggie down Malvinas Way
Arguing over sheep.
Ardilles and Ricky Villa
Waking Tottenham from their sleep.
The war is over Grandad
The Germans our our friends.
We drink each others' lagers
Und bleiben bis zum ende.
So yeah I'm going dancing
That's why I'm looking pucker
So stick that in your pie hole
You judgemental
When I grow old and boring
Which actually may not be
I'll make sure that my own kids
Feel one hundred percent free.
To speak and act as humans
With all that that incurs.
Unless they look ridiculous
In which case, Stay indoors.

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