The Little Things

Breath. Hair. A look.
Blink. Stare. A smile.
Sigh. Cry. Tone of voice.
Kettle's on for tea. For me.
I do it too. For you.
Walks. Talks. Dinner and lunch.
Sitting. Lying. Righting wrongs.
Listening. Ranting. Emotions true.
Discovering something new.
Pointing. Shouting. Quiet thoughts.
Close together in absence.
Eyes. Nose. Sound of voice.
Laughter. Songs. Jokes.
Points of view. Moods that move.
Familiar patterns. Habitual you.
Predictable comfort. Exciting words.
Ideas. Plans and hopes shared.
Boredom. Solidity. The feeling of life.
Permanence easily dented like ice.
Care, attention and diligence due.
The little things that makes us true.

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