No Time.

When you lead a busy, active life such as Gerry’s – it’s quite the task finding time to schedule anything new.
Monday is full to the brim with regret and angst.
Tuesday morning he has anger, followed after lunch by resentment and then panic all the way through to six pm. That’s tiring.
Forget Wednesday; busiest day of the week. Impatience first thing (but that doesn’t last long) then depression, anxiety, jealousy and second-guessing. Although he’d need to check that.
Melancholy is first up Thursdays – has been for years, there’s no moving that one. Introspection appears for a couple of hours in the afternoon but quickly makes way for feelings of worthlessness and self-doubt. Might as well put all calls on hold when they show up – it’ll be a late night.
You can try Friday because his misplaced optimism means a seemingly great day, but soon procrastination develops and he re-schedules. Anyway, impatience hangs around the corridors resulting in missed meetings with fear and worry. Good chance they’ll pop up again though.
You could try him at the weekends between short-lived optimism, projected needs and implied responsibilities.

Where do you find the time?

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