Younger Then

What time do you start work?
-No time.
Then how do you know when it is?
-I just go with the flow.
How does that work?
-Easy. I’m doing it now.
You’re just talking now.
That’s not work.
-Depends on your definition.
Work. Paid to work.
-Depends on your definition of ‘paid’.
Money. Paid money.
-Money comes and goes.
Oh, I couldn't think like that.
How can you survive doing that?
-I’m still here.
What about the future?
-What about it?
Don’t you think of the future?
When? The future. When you’re older.
-Older than what?
Older than now.
-In an hour? That older?
No. That’s silly. Older, y’know. You need to plan for the future.
-Do you?
Yeah, it’s crazy not to. 
You're crazy.
Everyone needs to plan ahead.
-How far ahead?
For when you’re older. I told you.
-You did. But I was younger then.

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